How to File an Accident Claim With Farmers Insurance

As a Farmers Insurance policyholder in Kansas or Missouri, it’s important to understand the company claims process after you’ve been in a car accident. Reporting a claim doesn’t have to be stressful. Understanding what steps to take, the information you’ll need to give the agent, and what to expect after you file a claim will help you take on the process with confidence. Then, you can focus on what matters most – recovering from the accident.

What to Do Following an Accident

Before you call Farmers Insurance or start the online claims process, there are a few steps you need to take after an accident. First, check for injuries and call for an ambulance if necessary. If the crash was minor, move accident vehicles out of traffic and into a safe location. If you have road flares or warning triangles in your vehicle, put them around your car to warn other drivers. Get to a safe location, away from the road, and call the police.

Always report car accidents to the police, even those that are minor. The police will write an official report of the crash that can benefit you during the claims process and beyond, especially if your car accident turns into a personal injury case in Kansas or Missouri. Once the police arrive, begin to gather the information you’ll need during the claims process with Farmers Insurance:

You’ll also need to have your own contact information (name, address, and phone number) and your Farmers Insurance policy number handy. Take photos of the accident and damage to any vehicles, if you can do so safely. Record the information in as much detail as possible. Now that you’re ready to file the claim, you need the Farmers Insurance claim phone number or the link to the online claims service.

Call 1-800-435-7764 to Report the Claim

Farmers Insurance has a 24/7 phone number policyholders can call day or night. To file an accident claim, call 1-800-435-7764 or 1-877-732-5266 en Español. Call your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Farmers Insurance has an online claims center as well. Access the site through your mobile at the scene of the accident if you’d prefer the online process to speaking with a representative. Answer the agent’s question or fill in the form with the information you gathered above.

Once Farmers Insurance receives your claim, they will assign a personal representative to your case. If you have a particularly complex case, you may have a team of representatives with different specialties helping you. Your representative will contact you to gather more facts about your damages, review your coverage, and explain how Farmers Insurance will handle your claim. Farmers Insurance handles each claim differently depending on the circumstances of the crash, damages sustained, and type of car insurance policy.

Next, visit a designated auto repair shop to assess your vehicle’s damages. This may take some time. Farmers Insurance has a list of approved auto shops in your local area in Kansas or Missouri, of which you can take your pick. The auto shops on Farmers Insurance’s list will give warranties for their services, guaranteeing high-quality repairs on your vehicle.

If the shop deems your vehicle beyond repair, or believes the costs of repairs will be greater than the value of your vehicle, your representative will let you know how Farmers Insurance will settle your case.