How Do I File a Claim if the Other Driver is Uninsured?

In Missouri, people who are injured in a car accident have the right to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. However, not all drivers follow the law and drive with this important coverage. In situations involving uninsured drivers, you may wonder how you could possibly file a claim. If you are involved… read more

Preserving Evidence After a Crash if 9-1-1 is Unavailable

After a Missouri car accident, one of the very first steps that you should take is to call 911. This will bring law enforcement and emergency medical services to the scene, both of which are very valuable. In particular, the responding officer will create a report that you can use as evidence in a future… read more

I Was Injured in a T-Bone Accident

Motor vehicle collisions are unfortunately common in Missouri, leading to thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. There are several categories of car accidents, some that occur more frequently than others. One of the most common types of collisions are T-bone accidents, also known as side-impact or broadside collisions. A T-bone accident can occur at… read more

Injured in a Road Rage Accident

There are many frustrating situations that we can encounter while driving. Whether you are cut off by another driver or are honked at when the light changes to green, it is important to keep calm and remain respectful of others on the road. Unfortunately, some aggressive drivers can lash out and commit reckless acts on… read more

Fireworks Injuries and Burns: 4th of July Holiday Safety

Every July 4th, people across Missouri enjoy festive fireworks shows while celebrating the holiday. While some families attend professionally run fireworks shows, others set off fireworks at home. Not only is setting off fireworks illegal in Kansas City and other parts of Missouri, but this practice can be very dangerous. Each year, thousands of people… read more

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Action in Missouri?

The death of a loved one is a tragedy, especially if it is caused by the negligence or intentional behavior of another person or entity. The financial and emotional injuries suffered by loved ones who are left behind can be severe. A wrongful death lawsuit can help reduce the financial burden and help a family… read more

I Was Injured by an E-Cigarette

Many people in Missouri use electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes. The companies that sell these devices market them as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, these manufacturers fail to mention how dangerous these devices truly are. E-cigarettes can cause serious injuries and illnesses to consumers. If you are injured by an e-cigarette,… read more

Occupational Diseases and Work Injuries

In the United States, occupational diseases and work injuries are common. Each year, millions of workers are injured at work, leading to lost wages and the need for medical care and rehabilitation. Injured and sick employees can pursue workers’ compensation claims, but securing benefits can be a complicated process. To file a successful claim, the… read more

What If the Products Contained a Disclaimer? Does the Manufacturer Still Have a Duty to Warn?

A disclaimer is a statement that attempts to deny legal responsibility of some kind. When it comes to consumer products, a manufacturer may place a disclaimer on the item stating that they are not liable for any injuries that it may cause. Usually, these disclaimers are a way for manufacturers to avoid liability due to… read more

When an Employer Violates Workers’ Comp Laws

In Missouri, workers’ compensation coverage protects employees from financial hardship following an injury or illness at work. You can secure benefits to pay for medical care and lost wages, as long as you can prove that the injury happened on the job. However, some employers violate workers’ compensation laws and refuse to provide coverage to… read more