Understanding Comparative Fault

Under the comparative fault system, you may still be able to recover damages, even if you are partially responsible for the injury or accident. This means that even if you were not exercising reasonable care, you may be able to recover some damages for your injuries. For example, if the courts rule you are 40% liable for your actions and total damages are $10,000, you can still recover $6,000.

When it comes to a premises liability case, the most important thing you can do is find the right attorney to represent you. Defense attorneys are extremely skilled at twisting facts and placing the blame wholly on you when the defendant is entirely to blame. On the other hand, a talented premises liability lawyer in Kansas City can keep the focus on what truly matters and away from superfluous details.

You need a Kansas City premises liability attorney who is skilled, experienced, and has focused expertise in premises liability cases. When selecting a lawyer, look at past case verdicts and explore testimonials. Your attorney’s ability to fight for your rights may be the difference between a large settlement and a waste of time. 

Robert Norfleet
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