Tips for Staying Safe During the Summer

The Missouri Highway Patrol has several requirements for boater safety, including what a safe boat must have at all times. All boats must have safety equipment, including safety vests of the proper size for everyone on a boat. Boaters under the age of seven must always be wearing safety jackets while on the water.

Before heading out to a lake or river, always monitor the recent weather reports and condition reports for the park or venue where you are going to boat. Avoid going out on the water during inclement conditions, as it is possible for a storm to come on quickly and cause damage, often before safety officials can reach your boat.

Never operate a boat under the influence of alcohol. Much like driving a car, operating a boat requires attention and awareness of safety precautions. Collisions are far more likely to occur under the influence of drugs and alcohol – and damages resulting from this incident may be eligible for compensation, especially in cases involving injury or death.

Keep your boat maintained regularly. A boat with broken or defective parts is more likely to have accidents or incidents occur, and maintaining a boat is necessary to keep it safe and reliable, particularly when boats have been sitting unused throughout the winter.

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