Taking Care of Your Child After a Concussion

Listen to the doctor’s suggestions regarding your individual situation. In most cases, a health care professional will advise athletes to sit out of games and practices for a recommended period of time. Secondary injuries can exacerbate the effects of a concussion, and it’s not worth the risk.

Furthermore, ice packs can help with head and neck pain. Only provide acetaminophen pain relievers to children specifically under a doctor’s direction. Encourage your child to rest and heal for several days or weeks. Mental and physical rest improves the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. During this period, discourage excessive electronics usage, including computers and television, loud music, and bright lighting. Depending on the injury, a doctor may also recommend your child stay home to rest for a few days.

Helping Your Child Avoid Head Injuries

Parents can significantly reduce the likelihood of sports and recreation-related head injuries with the right equipment. Impress upon your child the importance of wearing helmets and other protective gear, even during practice. Check your child’s safety equipment for proper fit and safety regulations. If your child plays an impact sport, consider investing in a helmet sensor that can detect impact levels.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch your kids every minute of the day. Accidents do happen. Encourage your child to always tell you about any collisions or injuries. If your child is hurt, remember this information and start monitoring his or her symptoms. Contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

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