Avoiding High School Injuries

Luckily, parents do not necessarily need to keep their kids in a bubble during high school. With the proper precautions, the risk of long-term injury is minimal. Here are some of the ways many health experts encourage health and safety:

Concussion Sensors

Several school sports departments are investing in helmet sensors that can detect the level of impact a wearer experiences. Solutions often transmit data to a cellphone application so parents and coaches can monitor the risk of concussion and make adjustments to reduce the likelihood of trauma.

Encouraging a Proper Warm-Up

A warm-up can reduce the risk of sprains and strain injuries. To effectively warm up, lead students through some light cardio to warm up the muscles. Then do some light stretching before practice.

Enforcing Appropriate Gear Rules

Safety gear was invented for a reason. All students should wear the recommended equipment during scrimmages and games. Replace gear as needed to maintain security standards.

Eat and Hydrate

Some people can exercise and go all day without eating a full meal, and others will collapse if they attempt the same. Encourage children and teens to eat properly and drink plenty of water before playing.

Coaches should not encourage students to play through the pain. This is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Take your child for a pre-season physical, and then see a physician as needed for sports-related injuries. A minor incident can turn into a bigger one if not properly addressed.

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