Practice Defensive Riding and Running Techniques

As a pedestrian or bicyclist, you can never assume motor vehicle drivers are paying attention to the road. Drivers can be using cell phones, intoxicated, or just plain careless behind the wheel. It can be difficult for even a prudent driver to see a runner or biker in time to avoid a collision. Take the defensive for your best chance at avoiding a deadly collision. Always expect the unexpected and avoid heavy traffic areas and times of day. Avoid areas where there is a higher chance of risky drivers, such as outside of bars, in parking lots, near retirement communities, and near high schools.

Plan your route before you begin your walk or bike ride, and figure out the safest path to avoid a collision. Wherever possible, avoid traffic altogether and take bike or pedestrian paths and lanes. If you bike in the roadway, do your best to stick to the far right side of the lane to enable vehicles to pass you safely. Follow roadway rules as if you were in a motor vehicle. This can prevent angry and aggressive drivers from following or trying to pass too closely.

New Year’s is a great opportunity to finally start that workout regime, new diet, or fitness class you’ve wanted to try. If your resolution includes doing more walking or biking in Missouri, take steps to protect your personal safety.

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