Possible Defenses in Premises Liability Claims

When examining who might be liable for an injury that takes place on a privately-owned sidewalk, it is important to know the potential defenses against your suit. For example, the “open and obvious doctrine” places a certain degree of liability on the injured individual if the sidewalk hazard was clear, obvious, and easy to avoid. If the property owner made the thing that injured you clear or obvious to visitors, you might bear at least partial responsibility for the accident.

If you are considering a lawsuit after suffering an injury in downtown KC, you need to show the Westport Community Improvement District was negligent in its duties to keep the sidewalks and surrounding areas reasonably safe. This includes enacting safety measures against gun violence, as this is the primary reason KC lawmakers handed ownership of the sidewalks over to local authorities. According to the Westport Regional Business League, there were 16 gun-related crimes in the district in 2016 but a shocking 65 in just the first 10 months of 2017.

Due to the foreseeability of gun-related offenses in this district, it is reasonable to expect business owners to take measures such as installing metal detectors and security guards before allowing entry. If someone injures you on a Westport sidewalk in an act of violence, you could have a premises liability claim against the new private owners. Talk to an attorney for more information about your particular case.

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