No Shooting Rabbits From Motorboats

This strange law still has a clear-cut statute in Kansas: Section 32-1003: Unlawful methods of taking wildlife. It is an infamous law that makes it illegal to hunt rabbits from a motorboat in Kansas. The law states that it is unlawful to take any game or fur-bearing animal from a motorboat, airplane, or motor vehicle. The only exception is if the hunter has a handicapped hunting permit.

No Hunting Ducks From Mules

Another weird hunting law in the state of Kansas bans people from hunting ducks using mules. This law, found in the state game rule, prohibits the use of mules to hunt for ducks in the state. The law is specifically for mules and ducks, rather than banning the hunting of ducks using all animals or using mules to hunt other types of birds.

Why Do Weird Laws Remain in Effect?

One local news station, KSHB Kansas City, interviewed the Assistant City Manager, Rick Usher, and asked why outdated ordinances often remain in effect. Mr. Usher says the city focuses its energy on taking laws off the books that negatively affect individuals or businesses. If a weird or irrelevant law is not causing any harm, the city does not expend any resources on removing it from the law.

Mr. Usher says weird laws are often put in place to begin with because of things that offended the people or elected officials at the time. The city often finds out about weird or archaic laws when they tie the hands of people who are trying to do something. The matter then goes to the dead letter office in the city, which reviews the law and makes a decision.

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