Keep Your Mouse Close to the Keyboard

Always needing to reach to get to the mouse will put unnecessary strain on your shoulders and arms.

Do Not Keep the Computer Monitor Too Close to Your Face

Doing so will put a strain on your eyes. Your computer screen should sit at least an arm’s length away from your eyes. If you are having trouble seeing, it’s easy to make your font bigger.

Avoid Glare From Your Screen

Keep your computer from sitting in front of a window or bright background. It causes eye strain.

Give Your Eyes a Break

If you work long hours in front of a monitor, it is easy to let the day pass and end up spending hours staring at your screen. Rest your eyes periodically. Look away from the screen and at objects at a distance for several seconds.

Do Not Let Your Feet Dangle

Your feet should comfortably sit flat on the floor. If your legs are not long enough to reach the floor, get a footrest or lower your chair.

Keep these suggestions in mind, but do what you can do move away from the desk throughout the day. Your blood circulation needs some activity, and long hours at a desk can prevent your blood from moving.

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