Can I File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is a delicate and important form of treatment. During pregnancy, mothers need to attend regular appointments to ensure healthy fetal development and monitor for common complications, such as ectopic pregnancy or birth abnormalities. The medical professionals responsible for overseeing prenatal treatment must uphold a certain standard of care. If an obstetrician, nurse, or other worker commits an act of negligence that harms a pregnant woman or her child, the patient may file a medical malpractice lawsuit against him or her.

Why Is Prenatal Care Important?

Proper prenatal care is vital to ensure the safety of mother and child during pregnancy. During regular intervals of the pregnancy, an obstetrician or other qualified healthcare professional will examine the fetus to ensure that the child is developing properly. The medical provider will also monitor the mother for common prenatal complications, including the following.

These conditions, among others, are common among pregnant women in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50,000 women experience the most severe pregnancy complications each year. It is the responsibility of the prenatal medical team to proactively monitor the health of mothers and their babies.

Common Types of Prenatal Care Negligence

While regular prenatal appointments and a competent physician can help mothers avoid preventable complications, negligence may occur. Medical professionals have a duty to uphold a certain standard of care, and if their actions deviate from the accepted standard, they commit an act of negligence. Common examples of prenatal medical negligence include the following.

Legal Options for Prenatal Malpractice Victims

If you are a Missouri resident who experienced negligence during prenatal care, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the healthcare provider responsible for the malpractice. However, you only have grounds to file a claim if the malpractice resulted in injury to you or your child. Additionally, you will need to prove four key elements to establish your right to compensation.

Proving a prenatal malpractice claim can be difficult. You will need to consult with medical experts to determine if the at-fault party’s actions deviated from the medical standard of care. You will need to conduct an in-depth investigation into the malpractice and gather sufficient evidence to prove your claims. While recovering from a prenatal injury, these complex litigation processes can be challenging to navigate.

In these situations, you need a Kansas City medical malpractice lawyer on your side. A prenatal injury attorney has the knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to guide you through the lawsuit process and advocate for you and your child’s best interests. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your optimal path to recovery.