Bicycle Accidents

Do Bicyclists Always Have the Right of Way?

In Missouri, right-of-way rules are some of the most important traffic laws on the books. The right of way helps control the flow of traffic and prevent accidents and injuries at high-risk areas like intersections and driveways. Some cyclists assume that they always have the right of way when riding their bicycles. However, this is… read more

How to Share the Road With Bicyclists in Kansas City

In 2017, 333 vehicle crashes in Kansas City involved pedal cyclists. These crashes caused 298 injuries and five deaths. Although bicyclists can contribute to accidents, many crashes arise because of motor vehicle driver negligence. As a motorist in KC, it is your responsibility to share the road safely with bikers. Doing so takes knowing all… read more

Do I Need a License for a Moped in Missouri?

A moped, or motorized pedal cycle, is a lightweight vehicle that operates on low power. It is a popular way to get around Kansas City for those who want to save on gas but wish for an alternative to motorcycles, bicycles, or walking. Before you mount your moped, however, you must make sure you’re obeying… read more

New Years Fitness: How to Not Get Hit By a Car While Running and Biking

Getting into shape is at the top of many peoples’ New Year’s resolution lists this year. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain your current physique, chances are you’ll end up running or biking around Kansas City. Safety should be your top priority during these activities. Every year, thousands of pedestrians… read more

Dangerous Intersections in Kansas City, MO

Although driving invariably comes with a risk of accident, intersections possess added dangers. Congestion at intersections can create hard-to-navigate traffic jams, and corners may limit a driver’s visibility. To stay safe on the road, drivers in Kansas City, MO, should know the locations of accident-prone intersections and what to do if they experience an auto… read more

Tips on Sharing the Road With Cyclists in Missouri

These days, cars share Missouri’s roads with many other vehicles. Motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles are a common site along our roadways. Unfortunately, these vehicles provide less protection, and cyclists who are hit by cars can be seriously injured or killed. In 2014, 720 cyclists were killed by traffic accidents, and many more were injured. For… read more

Electric Bicycle Laws and Safety Information: Is My E-Bike Legal?

Electric bicycles or “e-bikes” have small motors that may assist traditional pedaling or fully motorize the propulsion to give the rider a scooter-like experience. Some can travel up to almost 30 mph and offer a green, pedal-optional mode of transit for riders. Most of the time, they qualify as bicycles. As such, they’re subject to… read more