How Is Spinal Cord Injury Diagnosed?

Spinal cord injuries are serious medical conditions that can occur from a number of different accidents, from slip and falls to falling off a roof or construction scaffolding. The symptoms and severity of these injuries can vary from person to person, depending on the circumstances of the accident. If you believe that you have a… read more

Is Paralysis Always Permanent?

Accidents can lead to a number of injuries, depending on the circumstances and the severity. One of the most damaging injuries you can suffer from is a spinal cord or nerve injury, which can often lead to paralysis. While many people may believe this condition is permanent, it is entirely possible to regain movement in… read more

What Are the Four Types of Paralysis?

Paralysis is a debilitating condition where you lose movement in a part of your body as a result of an accident or medical condition. Because paralysis can affect different percentages of the body and different areas, experts classify the condition into four main types: monoplegia, paraplegia, hemiplegia, and quadriplegia. If you’ve been affected, contact a… read more

What Happens If Your Spinal Cord Is Severed?

Certain body parts serve a more central function than others, and the consequences can be more severe if you suffer an injury to these areas. If you are in an accident and suffer from a severed spinal cord, you can develop lifelong complications and disability and contact a Kansas City spinal cord injury lawyer. You… read more

Can a Car Accident Cause Brain Damage?

Car accidents are very common here in Kansas City, and they range in severity to minor fender-benders to severe, fatal rollovers. You can suffer from many different types of injuries in a car accident, including traumatic brain damage. Brain injuries are especially dangerous and debilitating, since they have the potential to cause lifelong disability and… read more

What Is the Difference Between Acquired Brain Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury?

Our brains control our vital functions in our body – from our movement to our speech to our ability to reason, learn, and simply think. Damage to our brains can be incredibly debilitating and lead to lifelong issues, depending on the severity of the injury. There are two main types of brain injuries: acquired brain… read more

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Traumatic Brain Injury?

Whether you fell from a roof or hit your head during a car accident, any damage to your head requires immediate medical attention. Our brain is one of the most important organs in our body, and damage to the brain can lead to damaging, lifelong effects. Recovering from a traumatic brain injury can take a… read more

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Missouri?

Receiving a speeding ticket while driving is one of the most common traffic infractions, but they can be a burden to many drivers. Police officers often use radar guns to gauge the speed of cars on the road and determine who to give tickets to. Many people have debated that these speeding tickets are unfair,… read more

Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Requirements

If you drive a vehicle in Missouri, you will need to pass a vehicle safety inspection conducted by the state. These inspections are necessary to ensure that your vehicle does not pose a threat to public safety or health, and create greater risk of car accidents. Generally, you have to receive a motor vehicle inspection… read more

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Missouri

To lawfully operate a vehicle in the state of Missouri, you need to carry a minimum amount of car insurance. This law is in place because Missouri is a fault car accident state – this means that whoever is responsible for causing an accident must pay for the injuries and damages of the other people… read more