Motorcycle Accidents

Facts About Road Rash

Road rash is a common injury in motorcycle accidents, bicycle collisions, and any other incident where a person skids across the ground at great speed or force. This injury occurs when you are thrown onto the road and your skin rubs against a hard surface, such as asphalt. As a result, the skin suffers from… read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Missouri?

Motorcycles are increasingly popular in Missouri, with many riders relying on these vehicles as their regular mode of transportation. Unfortunately, motorcycles can also be very dangerous — their construction leaves riders vulnerable to the elements and motor vehicles, and many motorcycle accidents result in severe injury and even death. If you are in a motorcycle… read more

Do I Need a License for a Moped in Missouri?

A moped, or motorized pedal cycle, is a lightweight vehicle that operates on low power. It is a popular way to get around Kansas City for those who want to save on gas but wish for an alternative to motorcycles, bicycles, or walking. Before you mount your moped, however, you must make sure you’re obeying… read more

Missouri Motorcycle Safety Protective Gear

The openness of motorcycles is what draws most people to them. Unfortunately, this same freedom is what makes them so dangerous. The intrinsic risks of motorcycles are inarguable: their design protects drivers and passengers far less than the metal cage of a passenger vehicle. Luckily, a long list of motorcycle safety protective gear exists to… read more

Missouri Motorcycle Helmet Laws

One of the joys of motorcycle riding is the feeling of freedom it engenders. Of course, freedom always has inherent risks. Despite these risks, riders can take measures to increase their safety, and wearing a helmet is just one of those measures. Riding without a helmet has been illegal in the state of Missouri, and… read more

Electric Bicycle Laws and Safety Information: Is My E-Bike Legal?

Electric bicycles or “e-bikes” have small motors that may assist traditional pedaling or fully motorize the propulsion to give the rider a scooter-like experience. Some can travel up to almost 30 mph and offer a green, pedal-optional mode of transit for riders. Most of the time, they qualify as bicycles. As such, they’re subject to… read more