Can You Sue E-Scooter Companies?

Many people consider renting an e-scooter to be an affordable option for an easy way to explore a city. However, these devices do not come without significant risks. Malfunctioning brakes or improper design could lead to serious injuries, including broken bones, bruises, cuts, and concussions. If you suffered injuries from an e-scooter accident, you may… read more

Are There Open Container Laws in Missouri & Kansas?

When living in the Kansas City area, it is a common practice to cross the Missouri and Kansas state line without considering that it is a completely different state – with different driving laws. In the case of open container laws, it is imperative to remember that no two states are exactly alike, and that… read more

How to Stay Safe on the Road During Winter 2018

When it comes to driving safely in Kansas City, are you prepared to take on wintery weather? Missouri straddles the line between the south, the Midwest, and the western plains, experiencing extreme weather from all of those regions. The state has the right combination of elements to create dangerous driving: snow and ice happen often,… read more

Most Common Ways to Sustain a Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is the cluster of nerves that extends from the brain down through the bones of the spinal column. This cord carries signals between the brain and the rest of the body, and any injury to the spinal cord will interfere with these signals. Depending on the severity of a spinal cord injury,… read more

Common Boating Accident Causes & How to Stay Safe This Summer

Summer break and vacation are great opportunities for traveling with family and spending time together. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when people suffer injury from some of those adventures. Boating accidents are common, and even when you safely navigate the waters, it doesn’t protect you from the negligence of others. Find some of the most… read more

Bike Share Accident and Injury Claims – What to Do?

Bike sharing is an innovative way to travel short distances to see the fun of Kansas City and the surrounding areas. It’s a great concept – users pick up a bike at a self-serve station, then ride to where they want to go. They can return the bike to another self-serve station closer to their… read more

Stand Your Ground Laws in Missouri

In January 2017, Missouri became the 25th state to enact a “Stand Your Ground” law. Senate Bill 656 passed into law after state legislature overruled a veto by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. The bill pertains to the state’s firearm laws, modifying existing open-carry rules to make them more flexible. If you live in Missouri or… read more

Cold Weather Safety

The cold weather months bring their own problems and challenges to safety that can be easily forgotten over warmer months. The colder months are prone to sudden changes of conditions that can make it harder to stay safe. Refresh your memory and learn some new tips for staying safe this winter. Pay Attention to the… read more

Hot Car Deaths

On an average summer, temperatures in Kansas City rise to almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit. From inside a vehicle, 90-degree weather escalates to 109 degrees in just 10 minutes, and 124 degrees in 30 minutes. It’s easy to see how a hot car can quickly lead to heat stroke and death in pets and children. The… read more

New Years Fitness: How to Not Get Hit By a Car While Running and Biking

Getting into shape is at the top of many peoples’ New Year’s resolution lists this year. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain your current physique, chances are you’ll end up running or biking around Kansas City. Safety should be your top priority during these activities. Every year, thousands of pedestrians… read more