Workplace Accidents

Occupational Diseases and Work Injuries

In the United States, occupational diseases and work injuries are common. Each year, millions of workers are injured at work, leading to lost wages and the need for medical care and rehabilitation. Injured and sick employees can pursue workers’ compensation claims, but securing benefits can be a complicated process. To file a successful claim, the… read more

When an Employer Violates Workers’ Comp Laws

In Missouri, workers’ compensation coverage protects employees from financial hardship following an injury or illness at work. You can secure benefits to pay for medical care and lost wages, as long as you can prove that the injury happened on the job. However, some employers violate workers’ compensation laws and refuse to provide coverage to… read more

What Is the Difference Between Workers Comp and Employer’s Liability?

A workplace injury can severely disrupt your life. An accident can impact your ability to go to work and earn a living, increase your medical expenses, and cause severe physical and emotional pain. To recover from these losses, you may wonder if you should pursue a workers’ compensation claim or file a lawsuit against your… read more

10 Workers Compensation Claim Mistakes to Avoid – 2019

The workers’ compensation system is notoriously complex and contains a great deal of room for error if you do not approach your workers’ compensation claim carefully. Our Kansas City personal injury lawyers have compiled ten of the most common mistakes injured employees make when handling workers’ compensation claims. Review the following common mistakes and seek… read more

Workplace Ergonomic Tips to Prevent Injury

The average American adult spends 50-70% of his or her day sitting at work. Sitting and staring at computers might be how people make a living, but it’s tough on their bodies. Spending large periods of time in this position can negatively affect people’s health. Many companies are looking into ergonomics as a potential way… read more

Top 10 OSHA Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strives to make America’s workplaces safer for employees. Every fiscal year OSHA surveys the most frequently cited standards for workplace safety violations and publishes the list to help spread awareness and improve worker safety. Here are the top 10 OSHA violations from October 1, 2014 to September 30,… read more

Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Workers’ Comp Claim

After an on-the-job injury, injured workers must take certain steps to file a successful claim. Many injured employees work with a human resources representative, a state workers’ compensation organization, and/or an experienced personal injury attorney in Kansas City, MO to file their claims. Any mistakes during the process can delay or prevent an injured worker… read more