Overview of Kansas City, MO Courthouses

As an injured party, or “plaintiff,” you will need to know which courthouse to file your claim, the filing procedure, and the deadline for filing. An attorney can help with all of these tasks, but for your own personal knowledge, here’s an overview of the courthouses in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Municipal Court

The Kansas City Municipal Court is the largest municipal court in the state. It’s also a division of the 16th Judicial Court Circuit. This court has eight full-time judges and a Court Administrator. It processes around 200,000 cases each year. You might need to go to the Kansas City Municipal Court if you need to go to a courthouse for traffic violations, ordinance violations, building code and nuisance violations, or animal health and public safety violations. Common reasons for going to this courthouse include:

The Kansas City Municipal Court hears criminal cases involving violations of city ordinances. The courthouse address is 1101 Locust Street Kansas City, MO 64106. Phone number: (9816) 513-2700.

Jackson County Courthouse

The Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City, located on 415 E. 12th Street in Kansas City, MO, is the courthouse that hears the majority of civil cases. Civil cases include those involving injuries and wrongful death. This courthouse hears most types of civil claims but does not include family law matters such as divorce or probate. It also does not hear criminal cases.

The Jackson County Courthouse exists within the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. Use the Small Claims Booklet from this courthouse for more information about how to file a civil claim against someone for recover sums of $5,000 or less. If your claim is worth more than $5,000, you will have to file outside of the small claims court. The phone number to reach the Jackson County Courthouse in KC is (816) 881-1330.

Family Justice Center

The Family Court Division of the 16th Judicial Circuit is primarily for family law cases in Kansas City. It has the authority to hear cases regarding juveniles and domestic relations. These might include guardianships, adoptions, child dependency, juvenile delinquency, legal separation, divorce, child custody, annulment, and paternity actions. The Family Court Division is located in the same complex as the Jackson County Courthouse on E. 12th Street. Phone number is (816) 435-4700.

Albert Riederer Community Justice Complex

The Albert Riederer Community Justice Complex, located at 1315 Locust in KC, Missouri, hears criminal cases, juvenile criminal cases, and family law cases. It provides restorative justice to the victims of crimes as well as hears family law cases such as those involving legal guardianship, child support and custody, and divorces. Call this courthouse at (816) 881-3934.

Missouri Court of Appeals

The Western District Missouri Court of Appeals is the state’s largest appellate court. The courthouse, built in 1982, has eleven judges who hear about 40% of intermediate appellate cases in the state of Missouri. You might need to visit this court if you need to appeal court decisions made from district court divisions in Jackson County. It’s located at 1300 Oak Street in Kansas City, MO. Phone number: (816) 889-3600.

Charles Evans Whittaker Courthouse

The Charles Evans Whittaker Courthouse is the federal courthouse in Kansas City. You might need to visit or file a claim with this courthouse if you are filing for bankruptcy or filing a civil complaint against a government agency. The location is at 400 E. 9th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Contact the bankruptcy court at (816) 512-1800, the probation and pretrial services at (816) 512-1300, or the U.S. District Court at (816) 512-5000.

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