Dangers of the Proposed Speed Limit Increase in Missouri

Speeding is extremely dangerous. A higher speed reduces the amount of time a driver has to react, and when auto accidents occur, speed-related incidents are almost always more injurious. Despite the evidence of danger, Missouri is currently thinking of raising the speed limits on certain roadways.

State representative Mike Kelley has introduced a bill that would increase the speed limits of certain highways from 70 mph to 75 mph. His reasoning is that surrounding states already have 75 mph speed limits, and boosting the speed limit in strategic locations would allow drivers to make smoother transitions on the roadways instead of acting as a “speed bump” on I-70. The legislation would not directly change the speed limit, but it would give the state the opportunity to make that decision.

Opponents believe that increasing the speed limit even by 5 mph will increase the rate of traffic incidents as well as their severity. Here are some of the dangers associated with speeding that concern the state and opponents:

Staying Safe on High Speed Roadways

The bill will take some time to pass, and if it does, the state may still avoid changing the speed limit. However, any proposed adjustment is a good time to think about safe and proactive driving behaviors. Whether you are headed across town or 400 miles down I-70, here are some tips to stay secure:

Slight speeding rarely ever allows a driver to cut time out of a travel itinerary, but it does endanger lives. If you are injured in a speed-related accident, you may need help securing fair compensation. At Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet, our Kansas City, MO personal injury attorneys understand the devastating effects speed can have in a car accident. Contact our team by calling (816) 832-4688.