How New Technology Is Keeping Seniors Safer on the Road

Getting older is a fact of life. But weakened eyesight, poor reaction times, and altered cognitive patterns often make driving a hazard for seniors and other drivers on the road.

People in this age group often don’t want to transition away from independence or burden their families, and many continue to work late in life. However, they may not know their driving skills have faded until something bad happens. The good news is new vehicle technology makes it safer than ever for the aging population to hold onto its driving independence longer and recognize when it’s time to let someone else take the wheel.

Here are some of the new technologies and how they can help seniors stay safely mobile. We’ve also outlined a few they may want to avoid:

In addition to these assistive technologies, Google edges closer and closer to driverless vehicles. Until then, help the older folks in your life find the helpful technologies needed to keep themselves and others safe on the roadways. You may want to consider some of the same technologies to help young drivers stay safe! Many of these will likely become standard features in the coming years, helping people of all ages make better decisions and decrease the rate of reckless behaviors and accidents.

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