How to Detect Bad Faith Insurance Practices After an Accident

Most insured people feel a sense of security knowing that if something happened, a measure of financial protection is in place. Having health and car insurance is not only wise, but it is also a legal requirement in most states. However, not all insurance agencies treat consumers fairly. In fact, some unpaid insurance claims may be an issue of bad faith insurance practices.

If you were recently in an accident and believe that you are a victim of bad faith insurance practices, speak to one of our Kansas City personal injury lawyers for help.

What is Insurance Bad Faith in Kansas City?

Bad faith practice is when an insurance company wrongs an individual, usually for the benefit of the insurance company itself. Bad faith claims may happen with an insurer fails to resolve a claim, refuses to pay a claim, or suggests difficulties in concluding the process. Knowing what to look for in a bad faith insurance claim can help people identify when it occurs.

When It Is Not Bad Faith

Insurance companies exist to help and protect people, not to hinder or hurt them. However, employees (such as claims adjusters) are human and make mistakes. Not every mistake made by an insurance company is due to bad faith. In addition, not every claim is a valid one. Several examples of denied claims are not due to bad faith practices.

Most people are unfamiliar with insurance practices and don’t know procedures following an accident. To determine a bad faith claim, accident victims should discuss their case with an attorney. Anyone who deals with an insurance company – theirs or the negligent parties – should document all interactions and protect all paperwork. An attorney at Fowler, Pickert, Eisenmenger, & Norfleet can answer in-depth questions about whether bad faith practice has occurred, contact us today.