Who Is Liable for Injuries in a Bar Fight?

Bar fights don’t only pose threats to a victim’s physical health and reputation – they can also have legal ramifications. Bars and nightclubs are common scenes for arguments and fistfights, usually due to alcohol consumption and drunken and disorderly conduct. Alcohol can cause depression, aggression, paranoia, and even rage.

Bar fights can erupt in a matter of seconds, resulting in chaos and a high risk of personal injury to everyone involved. Injuries may result from physical contact, thrown pieces of furniture, broken glass bottles, weapons, or unnecessarily rough bouncers. If you sustained an injury in a bar fight, learn your rights as a victim.

Types of Bar Fight Claims

Bar fights can lead to serious injuries such as lacerations, significant bruising, head or brain trauma, neck and back injury, or facial injuries. Victims will often have expensive medical costs, including the price of an ambulance and tests and X-rays. Injuries may cause missed work, or even the loss of a job due to the physical appearance of facial injuries. Violent bar fights and assaults can also lead to emotional and mental trauma and distress.

Guiltless bar fight victims may be able to receive compensation for these damages by filing a premises liability, civil liability, or assault and battery claim. Here is a breakdown of each:

There are plenty of legal remedies available to innocent victims injured in bar fights in Missouri. Depending on the circumstances of your bar fight injury, your defendant(s) and legal options will vary. You may have grounds to file more than one claim against an individual or the establishment.

Who Is Responsible?

If you suffered a major personal injury during a bar fight, the first step toward compensation is retaining a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can investigate your claim and tell you if he or she believes you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit in Kansas City. Your lawyer will help you identify the defendant or defendants in your bar fight incident. More than one party may share responsibility for your injuries. Contact an attorney today to find out your potential legal remedies in your particular case.