Why People Are Still Enrolling for ACA

The booming enrollment numbers in 2017 surprised everyone and led many to wonder why President Trump’s new rules didn’t result in the predicted decrease in sign-ups. It certainly wasn’t the great amount of federal ACA advertising, since the Trump administration cut the advertising budget by 90%. Instead, many believe private ads from nonprofit healthcare groups helped to spread the word about the shorter sign-up period, so that most people knew they had limited time before the clock started ticking.

The odds were especially stacked against Kansas City enrollees, after the local Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that it pulled out of Obamacare just a few months before the November enrollment period began. Blue Cross members had a short amount of time to replace their coverage, which would expire at the end of 2017. Still, it would appear that most policyholders rallied and managed to enroll in ACA by the deadline. If you’re curious about enrolling for Obamacare this year for 2019 coverage, learn about the exchange period in Kansas.

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