For pregnant women, a car accident can be an extremely stressful and dangerous event. Not only must these victims deal with injuries that affect their own bodies, but they must also worry about the health of their unborn children.

There are eight common types of pregnancy injuries that occur during car accidents. If you are involved in a collision while pregnant, it is critical to seek medical attention and receive treatment for these injuries.

The Eight Most Common Types of Pregnancy Injuries Resulting From a Car Accident


Miscarriage is one of the most devastating injuries that can occur due to a car accident. During pregnancy, a fetus is protected by the uterus and amniotic fluid. If the mother experiences blunt force or penetrating injuries to the stomach and uterus, miscarriage could occur. Victims who suffer from oxygen deprivation may also miscarry following a car accident.

Uterine Injuries

The uterus can sustain serious damage during a car accident. During pregnancy, the uterus becomes enlarged, which heightens the risk of damage. A pregnant woman may experience a uterine rupture, harming the fetus. A mother may also experience dangerous complications like internal bleeding.Dangers Of Kansas City Car Accidents To Pregnant Women

Premature Birth

In some cases, the stress of a car accident can cause a mother to suddenly go into labor. A child is considered full term if he or she is born at 37 weeks or later. A child born before 37 weeks can suffer from serious health problems and may require treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit.

High-Risk Pregnancy

Mothers with pre-existing conditions can experience dangerous complications during a pregnancy. As a result, they need additional monitoring and care to ensure a safe delivery. In some cases, injuries sustained in a car accident can turn an otherwise healthy pregnancy into a high risk one.

Placental Abruption

The placenta provides nutrients and oxygen to a fetus. During a collision, a placenta can become partially or completely separated from the mother’s uterus. As a result, the baby can suffer from life-threatening complications and the mother can experience severe heavy bleeding.

Brain Injuries

The impact and force of a car accident can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Mothers can suffer a TBI when they experience a blow, jolt, or penetrating injury to the head. However, fetuses may also suffer from brain injuries if their brain shakes inside of their skulls during a collision.

Fetal Trauma

Although they are protected by various structures in the body, fetuses can sustain severe injuries in the womb. Fetal trauma can occur due to oxygen deprivation, when a mother sustains blows to the abdomen, or as the result of any other serious injuries during a collision.

Birth Defects

Premature birth, oxygen deprivation, and many other pregnancy injuries can lead to birth defects. For example, a child may be born with long-term disabilities due to brain damage in a collision. Children born prematurely are more likely to have physiological defects, such as underdeveloped organs.

What to Do if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

A car accident can be a scary and traumatic experience, especially if you are pregnant. In these situations, it is important to receive emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

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