Why Bedsores Are Signs of Neglect

Bedsores are signs of neglect in a nursing home because they’re preventable with proper treatment and basic standards of care. The development of a bedsore might be the responsibility of an attending staff member, the medical professional on call, or the facility itself.

If the facility doesn’t maintain strict standards of health and sanitation, employees may not feel compelled to ensure the health of residents. Bedsores form the fastest when the skin is wet or dirty for a long period of time. Residents who are bedridden and dependent on adult diapers can develop bedsores easily if diapers and linens aren’t changed frequently. These bedsores can become infected and turn into a more serious health risk.

When nursing home employees neglect their duty to care for a resident who is at risk of developing a bedsore, it’s a sign of medical negligence. Employees are responsible for the health and well-being of residents, and failing in their duties to maintain a level of care makes them responsible for damages.

Robert Norfleet
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