Signs of Financial Abuse

Indicators of financial elder abuse don’t end with financial ramifications. If you don’t have access to your loved one’s financial records, you can still look for signs that he or she is being financially exploited or abused. If your loved one has a sudden loss of trust in others, feels insecure in his or her residency, shows signs of depression or fear, or expresses feelings of worthlessness, shame, or self-doubt, he or she could be a victim of a financial scam.

Communicate with your loved one and listen to his or her comments and concerns. Don’t trust your loved one’s financial information with anyone except the beneficiary. Try to gain access to your loved one’s finances, and check for signs of unusual activity, such as unexplained decreases, large amounts of money missing, or billing discrepancies.

Financial exploitation can come from the nursing home itself, nursing home employees, trusted relatives, or complete strangers. Unfortunately, your loved one’s assets are always at risk of exploitation by people who take advantage of elder vulnerability and disadvantages—especially if he or she is dependent on others. Protect your loved one from financial exploitation and abuse by hiring a skilled attorney to investigate your case.

Protecting Your Loved One Against Financial Abuse

Financial scammers who partake in elder abuse can be cunning, even going as far as to convince a person with dementia to change his or her will. These lawsuits can be complex and damaging to everyone involved, causing financial distress and mental or emotional strain. Preparing yourself and your elderly loved one for the possibility of falling prey to a financial scam or abuse situation is the best way to avoid one.

Talk to your loved ones about not trusting new friends or employees who try to convince them to give up money or sensitive information. If your loved one isn’t of sound mind, hire a Kansas City personal injury attorney to file the correct paperwork to safeguard his or her assets against fraud.

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