6. Will You Handle My Entire Case Personally?

Some law firms delegate cases to junior associates or support staff. You will want to ensure that the attorney you hire will personally handle the key aspects of your case, providing you with the expertise you expect and deserve.

7. How Long Will the Legal Process Take?

While it can be difficult to predict the exact duration of a case, an experienced attorney can provide a general timeline based on their past experiences. Understanding the potential duration can help you plan and manage your expectations.

8. What Challenges Do You See With My Case?

Every case is unique, but understanding challenges can help make the process less stressful for all involved. Wrongful death poses varying levels of difficulty, such as establishing what party was negligent for the death of your loved one and determining the extent of damages. Skilled legal representation becomes crucial to navigating these challenges so you can pursue the justice you and your family deserve.

9. What Types of Damages Could I Recover for My Loved One’s Wrongful Death?

In Kansas City, if you have the standing to sue, you could be entitled to various economic and non-economic damages. Damages for wrongful death may include the following:

10. Do You Have the Resources to Take My Case to Trial?

For many wrongful death cases, the insurance company may not agree to settle for what the claim is worth. If this happens, your case would need to go to trial and be tried before a judge and jury. Hire a wrongful death attorney with the resources and experience to take your case to court.

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