Powered Industrial Trucks

Operating fork trucks, platform lift trucks, tractors, motorized hand trucks, and other industrial trucks requires sufficient employee training and experience. OSHA has requirements for the design, maintenance, use, and fire protection when operating industrial trucks. A company may fail to adhere to use requirements or make dangerous modifications to the vehicle.


Along with scaffolding, ladders are another top cause of harmful fall accidents in the workplace. Employers may violate OSHA ladder regulations by using the incorrect type of ladder for the application, letting ladders fall into disrepair, failing to train employees to use ladders correctly, and failing to equip employees with the proper fall protection gear when necessary.

Electrical, Wiring Methods

Electrocutions are the second most common cause of construction worker deaths according to OSHA. Violations in electrical and wiring methods, such as lack of proper training or safety gear, can lead to worker electrocutions, shocks, electrical burns, and death. Employers must use only industry-approved wiring methods. Any deviation, resulting in employee injury, is negligence.

Machine Guarding

Workers who handle heavy machinery and large pieces of equipment are at great risk of crush, caught in/between, and amputation injuries. OSHA commonly cites violated machine guarding standards such as barrier guards, two-hand tripping devices, and electronic safety devices. Proper machine guards on shears, power presses, milling machines, and portable power tools can prevent catastrophic injury.

Electrical, General Requirements

Aside from safe and effective wiring techniques, OSHA also has safety and health standards for electrical applications in general. Violations of these standards include failure to properly examine and install electrical equipment, failure to properly use electrical insulation, and failure to use electrical equipment according to industry standards.

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