Kansas City, MO Lost Income Lawyers

Losing your income due to personal injury or another legal matter can be devastating and life altering. You may be unfamiliar with the laws surrounding loss of income, and having an experienced attorney at your side will provide you with the answers you need about your situation.

Why You Need a Lost Income Attorney

By seeking legal assistance for lost income due to personal injury, you are protecting your rights. If you suspect you have lost your income unjustly, contact the team at Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet in Kansas City, Missouri. You may be entitled to compensation for current and previous loss of wages as well as future wages. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney immediately will help you find the answers and financial assistance you deserve when you’ve lost income.

For loss of wages, you are entitled to compensation from the party responsible for the accident that caused your injury. No matter what level of job you held, the time commitment you provided, or your salary, everyone has the right to compensation for injury that results in lost working time. Under the law, income that was lost because you were receiving treatment for injury and income that was lost due to time you were unable to work are both eligible for compensation.

Kansas City, MO Lost Income Lawyers

Scheduled Time Off Compensation

Even if you used your built in time off to recover from injury, you may still be entitled to receive compensation. Because you used that time to recover from an injury caused by another instead of for your own use, that time is considered tantamount to losing income.

Proving Lost Income in Kansas City

To successfully prove lost income, a case must present evidence for time missed because of an accident and the amount of money that would have been earned during that time. To obtain the necessary information to prove lost income, ask for a letter from your supervisor or HR office on company stationary. Ask that the letter include your name, title, pay rate, hours usually worked, and hours missed due to injury.

For those who are self-employed or have complicated employment structures, the process of proving lost income is more difficult. Invoices, calendar appointments, and any other evidence of time lost that you can find will be helpful in accurately determining time and loss of income. Income taxes from previous years provide good evidence for your normal earning capacity.

Lost Earning Capacity

In some cases, you may be eligible for compensation for the loss of future wages. If you are permanently injured as the result of an accident, you may be able to receive damages that will cover a reasonable amount of loss into the future. It is more complicated to prove lost earning capacity than lost income, but it can help you cover future costs associated with your injury and living expenses.

Evaluating work attendance, pay stubs, and employment records provides reasonable background from which a court can project future earnings. They must also take into account any future career advancements that might have reasonably been obtained before injury.

Value of Legal Support

Due to the complications that can arise from determining lost income in a personal injury case, your legal support will be vital. From filing the claim to helping you prove deserved compensation, Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet will help protect your rights.

Our team has a high success rate in Kansas City personal injury cases in terms of fair damages awarded. We focus on providing individualized client attention, and you will never feel like just another case when you work with us. From the initial consultation to receiving your compensation, you can rest easy knowing your case is being handled by Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet.