Missouri Inmate’s Family Suing for Abuse or Neglect

We hear about wrongful death suits quite often these days. Unfortunately, it seems to be a common occurrence. From medical malpractice to neglect cases, these horror stories have a way of stirring deep emotions within us. But we don’t often hear cases of wrongful death of prison inmates. There are certainly times when it occurs, but it seems to be an issue that isn’t often brought to light. Over the past few years, however, more and more tales of prisoners being abused or neglected have been emerging. If you have lost a loved one as a result of the negligent actions of someone else, contact an experienced Kansas City, MO wrongful death lawyer for a free legal consultation.

Man Dies After Being Severely Beaten and Left in Solitary Confinement for 12 Days

Last year, a family in Dekalb County brought forth a lawsuit against several employees at the DeKalb County Jail. Two county commissioners and two county sheriffs were included among the defendants. Several deputies were also named. Timothy Harris, then 36, was being held while awaiting trial at the Daviess-Dekalb County Regional Jail.

He’d been arrested days before for attempting to purchase a rifle while having previous felony charges on his record. According to the family, Timothy was badly beaten and shot with a taser when he was arrested that day. When the family saw him in court four days later, he had clumps of hair missing and was wheelchair bound. Allegedly, Timothy was also kept in solitary confinement for 12 straight days following the court room scene. During this time, his cell was not cleaned and he didn’t have a toilet or sink; he was forced to sit in his own waste.

His condition worsened beyond help. By the time he was finally allowed to go to the hospital, he had developed what his doctor said was “the worst case of pneumonia he’d ever seen” Timothy died in the air ambulance before he could make it to the hospital. His wife, a widow at 31, is left with anger, sadness, and the burden of caring for their three children alone. The family has filed a federal lawsuit against the jail, seeking compensation for damages including funeral costs and medical expenses.

33 Year-Old Diabetic Man Denied Medical Treatment While in Jail

Unfortunately, this isn’t a single instance of abuse or gross neglect in prison. Another lawsuit that emerged in August of 2015 claims that 33 year-old Michael Robinson died in Pemiscot County Jail in Missouri because the guards refused to get him the medical treatment he needed. Michael was arrested in early August on charges of unpaid child support. According to the family, Robinson told the officers that he was a diabetic when he was taken into custody.

Although he repeatedly asked for his insulin shots, his pleas were ignored. The officers eventually put him in solitary confinement in an attempt to quiet him. There, he stayed until his girlfriend came to visit him. By that time, he was barely able to lift his head. He was finally taken to the hospital, where the doctors read his blood sugar at 2,500. Normal blood sugar ratings range between 80-180. He was pronounced dead that Sunday evening. The family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit and bring awareness to the cause.

The State of Our Nation’s Prisons – Stories of Inmate Wrongful Death on the Rise

Stories like these are sickening, and they’re on the rise. Across the US, there have been multiple instance of sudden, inconclusive deaths – even homicides – occurring while prisoners are in police custody, all within the past few years. Inmates are speaking up about the conditions they’re subjected to while in prison, many of whom are beaten so bad it results in broken bones and other injuries. Even several former prison guards have commented on the situations, explaining that it’s not uncommon for guards to use “excessive force,” and that it’s been happening for years.

Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorney Will Fight on Your Side

All people, including inmates, have rights. Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet in Kansas City, Missouri, has experienced Kansas City, MO personal injury lawyers committed to defending your rights as a human being. The world needs to know what goes on inside our nation’s prisons; an inmate death due to abuse or negligence is unacceptable and abhorrent. Contact us today, and fight for the rights of you and your family.