Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Requirements

If you drive a vehicle in Missouri, you will need to pass a vehicle safety inspection conducted by the state. These inspections are necessary to ensure that your vehicle does not pose a threat to public safety or health, and create greater risk of car accidents. Generally, you have to receive a motor vehicle inspection once every two years after your vehicle turns 5 years old.

Who Needs to Get a Safety Inspection in Missouri?

If you have a vehicle that is over 5 years old in Missouri, you need to get a safety inspection once every two years. You will need to visit an authorized Missouri inspection station and pay up to a $12 fee for inspection. At the end of your inspection, you will receive a Certificate of Inspection and Approval for you to renew your registration or title and license. You must also receive a safety inspection whenever you sell or transfer ownership of a car.

The following vehicles may be exempt from receiving a safety inspection in Missouri. If you are unsure whether your vehicle needs to receive a safety inspection, check with the Missouri Department of Revenue; your renewal notice from this office should tell you if you need to receive an inspection.

Missouri vehicle inspection

What Does the Safety Inspection Check For?

In order to ensure your vehicle is up to the standard it needs to be, the inspector will be checking certain features. If the inspector finds anything wrong with these features, you will have to receive repairs as soon as possible.

Missouri vehicle safety inspections are important for the well-being of all drivers. Ensuring that your vehicle components are up to standard will help you avoid accidents later down the line. Failure to receive a required safety inspection can lead to liability in future car accidents, along with other potential penalties. If you need the assistance of an attorney after a car accident contact our Kansas City personal injury lawyers today.