Car manufacturers may recall a make, model, or year of a vehicle for a variety of reasons if they have reason to believe the car or truck is unsafe in some capacity. Over the years, manufacturers have recalled vehicles for faulty ignition switches, sticking gas pedals, propensity to catch fire, and myriad other dangerous defects. Manufacturers have a legal duty to release reasonably safe products to consumers. When they fail in this duty, the law imposes serious consequences to prevent similar incidents in the future. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident caused by a defective product, contact an experienced Kansas City product liability attorney for a free initial legal consultation.

How to Discover a Manufacturer Recall

Whether you’re on the market for a new vehicle or simply want to confirm the safety of your current vehicle, you should conduct a bit of research into the background of the model of your car. Manufacturers are legally obligated to inform the public of vehicle recalls. You need to understand what a safety recall is, how to find out about a recall, as well as what you should do if a manufacturer recalls your vehicle.

Manufacturers have recalled millions of vehicles over the years. Recalls have become more and more common, causing many citizens to ignore them—an extremely dangerous oversight. From deficient airbags to defective seatbelts, drivers must take vehicle or part recalls seriously to avoid major auto accident and personal injury. Manufacturer defects have caused a number of different types of accidents over the years, including: Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accident, bus accidents, and more. Before purchasing a used vehicle—especially online—conduct basic search to discover if the vehicle has any unresolved recalls.

The law requires manufacturers to send letters informing vehicle owners about recalls. However, this typically does not extend to second or subsequent vehicle owners. If you bought your vehicle secondhand, use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s online resource, the Recalls and Defects Search by VIN. Here you can search any car by its vehicle identification number (VIN) and see if it has unresolved recalls. Find your VIN on the dashboard on the driver’s side of a vehicle, on the driver’s side doorpost, or on the vehicle’s title.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s online tool shows information about your vehicle’s recalls, including incomplete recalls, recalls conducted in the last 15 years, and recalls from light auto manufacturers, such as motorcycle manufacturers. If the vehicle you own or may own comes up with unresolved recalls, take action to resolve the issue. If your vehicle is clear of manufacturer recalls, it will report “No open recalls.”

Some manufacturer defects are minor, such as a recent Subaru BRZ recall due to misprinted owners’ manual pages. However, many are due to safety-related concerns that could potentially cause injury or death to the driver or passengers of a vehicle. If a manufacturer announces a recall, there is a real threat of physical endangerment. Take every recall seriously, and have the problem remedied before continuing to drive your car, truck, or SUV.

Take Action When Your Vehicle Is on a Recall List

Depending on the type of recall you discover, you should limit your driving before you fix the problem. Contact your car’s dealership to set up a service appointment. Let them know it is for a recall, and they will not charge you for the necessary repairs. Never hesitate to fix your vehicle if it is on a recall list. You should not take recalls lightly. For you and your family’s safety, get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible.

If a manufacturer defect resulted in a car accident or injury, you may be able to sue the manufacturer for compensation, including medical bills and property damage. 

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