Safety Tips for a Wonderful Experience With Your E-Bike

As a cross between a traditional bike and a motorcycle, the dangers of traditional bike riding are compounded by speed. While you can keep up with traffic better than you might on a traditional bike, you need to understand the limitations of your e-bike well before taking it on a road and operating it as a motor vehicle. Here are some tips to help you operate an e-bike safely:

Pay Attention to Maintenance

An e-bike has a motor, and like any other motor, it’ll need maintenance to run smoothly. Follow the recommendations in the manual to avoid maintenance-related accidents.

Use Hand Signals

Whether you ride a traditional bike or an e-bike on the road, you need to use proper signaling to give other bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers an indication of your intended movement.

Avoid Wearing Loose Clothing

Although e-bikes offer an eco-friendly commute option, loose pants could spell trouble for your clothes and your safety. Use a tie to secure loose clothing, or change when you get to your destination.

Understand Your E-Bike’s Limitations

Ride on non-roadway paths or in a rural area first. Familiarize yourself with the handling of the bike, braking, speed, and taking turns.

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