The openness of motorcycles is what draws most people to them. Unfortunately, this same freedom is what makes them so dangerous. The intrinsic risks of motorcycles are inarguable: their design protects drivers and passengers far less than the metal cage of a passenger vehicle. Luckily, a long list of motorcycle safety protective gear exists to secure riders from insects, rain, debris, and contact with the asphalt.

Even if every safety measure and precaution is taken before deciding to ride a motorcycle, the chance of being involved in a motorcycle accident will always exist. It is important that if you are involved in a motorcycle accident you first seek medical attention and then get into contact with an experienced Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer with extensive successful experience handling motorcycle accident victim cases in the state of Missouri.


The number one piece of safety gear for motorcyclists is the helmet. Many motorcycle crashes result in serious head injuries and traumatic brain injury from the head’s contact with the ground. Putting something in between your skull and the roadside can save your life and prevent severe, life-altering injuries. Missouri is one of 18 states with a mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists, currently with no exemptions.

Motorcycle helmets must comply with U.S. Department of Transportation standards. Proper helmets have an impact-absorbing liner, hard outer shell, and visor. Helmets save lives and reduce the occurrence of head injuries. They protect motorcyclists from bugs and inclement weather, helping to prevent motorcycle accidents. Get the right helmet and the right fit for full protection in the event of a crash.


On a motorcycle, your feet keep you balanced when you’re stopped—and they encounter plenty of debris and hazards on the go. Ample foot protection is crucial to staying in control of the motorcycle at all times and maintaining personal injury protection. The soles of your shoes should be stiff, such as those in sturdy boots. Boots with a heel can offer a better “grip” on bike pegs. The best footwear has reinforcements in the shin, ankle, and calf to protect you from flying debris and crash-related leg injuries that can result in amputation of the injured limb.


Protecting your hands is of utmost importance on a motorcycle. Your hands control your bike’s speed and direction, and you can’t afford to compromise their safety. Full-fingered motorcycle gloves offer security from debris, blisters, wind, sun, and cold while riding. They’ll also protect your hands from abrasions if you crash. Motorcycle gloves come in many styles and thicknesses for different climates.

Gloves should fit snugly to improve your grip on the bike’s handlebars. Loose or bulky gloves will compromise your grip, putting you at risk of losing control of your bike and causing an auto accident involving an individual motorcycle or motorcycle and car, bicycle, pedestrian, or truck. If gloves are too tight, however, they can cut off circulation. Choose gloves that are the ideal fit and weight for you. Purchasing gauntlets with gloves in the winter reduces cold airflow up your sleeves.

Body Armor

For motorcyclists who want maximum protection, you can’t go wrong with body armor. Today, armor is built directly into pants and jackets, perfect for style and safety. Types of armor available include memory foam armor, hard armor, and foam armor. Memory foam is similar to the material inside your helmet and offers high impact absorption. Hard armor is made of impact-resistant plastic and foam. Foam armor offers the least amount of protection, but is still better than nothing.

Body armor helps you stay comfortable while riding in bad weather and protects from abrasions, broken bones, and other serious injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. Road rash is an incredibly painful injury that’s often the result of motorcycle accidents, sometimes requiring surgery to remove asphalt and debris from the skin. Protective body gear made of Cordura, Kevlar, or ballistic nylon provides a high level of protection from these injuries.

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