Electric Bicycle Laws and Safety Information: Is My E-Bike Legal?

Electric bicycles or “e-bikes” have small motors that may assist traditional pedaling or fully motorize the propulsion to give the rider a scooter-like experience. Some can travel up to almost 30 mph and offer a green, pedal-optional mode of transit for riders. Most of the time, they qualify as bicycles. As such, they’re subject to Missouri’s bicycle laws, as long as they don’t exceed 50 cc and a maximum speed of 30 mph on flat ground. Anything with a motor cylinder capacity that exceeds 50cc is considered a motorcycle under state law.

Here’s what you need to know about our state’s e-bike/mini-motorcycle/scooter laws

If you ride an e-bike in the state, remember the rules for both bicycles and motor vehicles. Always ask for clarification before taking an e-bike on trails or other alternative-roadways, and never let unlicensed children and teens ride e-bikes. Make sure you understand how your bike is classified before you take it on the road. If it has a larger motor, you may need to follow the rules of a motorcycle instead of a bicycle, and take additional considerations such as turn signals into account before heading out on the road.

Safety Tips for a Wonderful Experience With Your E-Bike

As a cross between a traditional bike and a motorcycle, the dangers of traditional bike riding are compounded by speed. While you can keep up with traffic better than you might on a traditional bike, you need to understand the limitations of your e-bike well before taking it on a road and operating it as a motor vehicle. Here are some tips to help you operate an e-bike safely:

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