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Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects a person’s ability to move, maintain balance and posture, and build muscle tone. This condition usually develops due to brain damage during pregnancy, birth, or the first few years of a child’s life.

Medical malpractice often contributes to cerebral palsy in infants, from a failure to monitor a baby’s oxygen levels during delivery to ignoring a necessary Cesarean section. If your child developed cerebral palsy due to medical negligence, Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet can help you seek justice. 

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How Does Medical Malpractice Cause Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy often occurs due to damage to the brain during labor and delivery, either through oxygen deprivation or physical trauma. Many acts of medical negligence can lead to cerebral palsy complications, including the following.

Many cerebral palsy cases involve oxygen deprivation due to monitoring failures. Cerebral palsy may develop when a medical professional fails to monitor the infant’s heart rate for signs of distress, or notices the signs of distress and fails to respond, leading to irreversible brain damage.

How Do You Prove a Missouri Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical malpractice lawsuits rely on the theory of negligence, or the legal concept that the at-fault in your claim failed to uphold his or her duty of care and this breach of care caused your child’s cerebral palsy. Medical professionals must follow certain standards of care while treating patients, and you must prove the following four elements to establish your right to damages.

Proving a case of medical malpractice can be difficult without the resources and power of an attorney. Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet partners with medical experts and utilizes tested strategies to build a compelling case for your compensation, establishing the negligence of the at-fault parties in and out of the courtroom.

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