Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Accidents can happen every single day, but it is not fair to pay for your own damages if someone else’s negligence or carelessness led to your injuries. Filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim can help you recover compensation for your damages, but these processes can be difficult to navigate alone. In these situations, you need a Kansas City personal injury attorney to guide you towards the path to maximum possible compensation.

What Is a Personal Injury?

Accidents happen every day – but we are not always the cause of these accidents. Someone else’s negligence or recklessness can lead to physical injury, emotional distress, property damage, lost wages, and more – leaving you with mounting expenses and sometimes an inability to work.

However, you have options to claim compensation in Missouri civil court – by filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. Most accidents caused by a reckless party that result in injury qualify for personal injury damages. However, navigating these legal processes can be very difficult, especially during a period of injury.

This is where a personal injury attorney comes in. If you are in a situation that qualifies for personal injury damages, a lawyer can provide guidance, resources, and support throughout your claim.

The Benefits of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your claim is an investment in the future of your settlement. Whether you are collecting damages after a car accident or filing a lawsuit against your former landlord for unsafe premises, a personal injury attorney can provide numerous benefits for your claim.

Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Expensive?

It is no secret that hiring an attorney can be very expensive. However, personal injury law firms often operate on a contingency fee basis for maximum affordability. Essentially, you do not have to pay any legal fees unless the attorney secures a settlement on your behalf.

Before you enter into your case, you and your attorney will sign a contract. In this contract will be the terms of the contingency fee agreement. If your attorney does win your case, he or she will take an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement as payment – usually around 33%. This reduces your out of pocket costs.

If your attorney does not win your case, he or she does not have anything to take payment from. As such, contingency fees incentivize the attorney to win your case. When hiring your personal injury lawyer, choose one that offers a contingency fee arrangement.

It can be tempting to enter into a claims process without legal representation. A personal injury attorney can provide numerous benefits for your case, from expedited negotiations to error-free paperwork. As soon as possible following your accident, contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options.