How to Prepare for Busy Holiday Roads

It’s almost that time of year – the family holiday road trip. With more people choosing to travel by car instead of taking planes, you should take some important precautions before you and your family hit the road this holiday season. A sad but important reminder is that travel during this time can take a huge toll on everyone. The fatality rate is at its highest during the holiday season, with alcohol as the primary culprit.

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Prepare Well for the Trip

Before you take off, you need to consider some other important things, beginning with vehicle safety. It’s best not to wait until the last minute to make sure your car is travel-ready. Instead, AAA suggests you take the week before you leave to do a maintenance check of your vehicle. You may save time and a possible headache by checking things out before you leave and making any necessary repairs. With all the things that can happen on the road, pre-planned safety measures are a good idea. Remember to check:

Road trips during the winter can present some unexpected issues, especially when it comes to the weather. Know your destination and what to expect ahead of time. Blizzard conditions can pop up in an instant, so mapping an alternate route is always a good idea. It’s also important to have tentative hotel reservations along the way, in case travel becomes impossible.

Pack an Emergency Road Kit

It’s also always important to keep an emergency road kit at the ready, just in case. Some things you should include in your kit are:

Stay Alert to Other Drivers

Watch out for other travelers on the road – the “unknown factors.” Be aware of drivers who may be swerving or driving erratically. You never know where the other drivers have been and whether they’re driving sober. You need to stay alert and limit distractions, so be sure to put your cell phone away. Mobile devices are yet another culprit in many major accidents.

You can do many things to keep yourself and your family safe on the road during the holidays. Keeping in mind that you want to safely reach your destination to celebrate with family and friends, taking these precautions will help ensure everyone’s safety while traveling.

Relax, safe travels, and enjoy your holidays!