Medical Malpractice at St. Joseph, MO City Hospitals

When a patient receives medical care at a hospital, the facility must uphold a certain standard of care to ensure that the patient receives the treatment that he or she needs. This includes proper care of medical equipment, establishing industry-cohesive policies, and thoroughly vetting and supervising the staff at each facility. However, not all hospitals uphold their duty of care to their patients — leading to significant harm and hardship.

If you are the victim of medical malpractice at the hands of a St. Joseph hospital, you are not alone and you have legal options available to you. You can hold the hospital accountable for its actions through a lawsuit in Missouri civil court — and Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet is here to help you each step of the way.

When Is a Hospital Responsible for Medical Malpractice?

Hospitals, along with medical professionals, are subject to certain healthcare industry standards that dictate how they provide treatment to patients. Any healthcare professional who treats you in a formal setting, such as a hospital or clinic, could be liable if he or she commits an act of medical malpractice. However, you can only hold hospitals liable under certain circumstances.

Proving Medical Malpractice in Missouri

If you are filing a lawsuit against a hospital in Missouri, you and your attorney will need to work closely together to establish that medical malpractice did occur. Depending on the facts of your case, you will need to collect the necessary pieces of evidence to prove the following four elements.

Holding St. Joseph, MO Hospitals Accountable

If you are suffering from an act of medical malpractice at the hands of a medical facility in St. Joseph, filing a lawsuit against the hospital can seem daunting. However, the attorneys at Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet have significant experience guiding residents of St. Joseph and the surrounding areas through the claims process. If you experienced medical malpractice at any of the following hospitals, our firm can help.

Hiring an attorney from Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet can provide several benefits for your case, including access to expert witnesses and resources, as well as the skills and experience necessary to advocate for the maximum possible settlement. Contact our law firm today to schedule your free consultation and to begin the lawsuit filing process.