Cerebral Palsy & (HIE) Attorney in Kansas City, MO

There are cases when something goes wrong with the birth of a child. Sometimes, these instances can have severe consequences for the health of a newborn and can follow them into adulthood. This is particularly true when it comes to cerebral palsy and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).  If you believe you may need the help of an experienced Kansas City cerebral palsy and (HIE) lawyer, contact our team of attorneys at Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet for a free legal consultation, ASAP.

The CDC reports cerebral palsy occurs in about 1 in every 303 children. The condition is characterized by a number of symptoms and for some children is more severe than others. However, cerebral palsy is almost always the result of another person’s negligence. This negligence means a severe impact on your child’s quality of life, as well a big financial burden on your family.

Suffering from HIE and Brain Injuries

HIE is similarly a very severe birth injury. It consists of three key parts: a lack of oxygen to the organs and tissues, a restriction of blood flow resulting in tissue or organ damage, and brain injury. When a newborn’s oxygen supply is restricted, HIE can occur. The longer a newborn is deprived of oxygen, the more severe the consequences can be.

When it comes to brain injuries to newborns in Kansas City, MO, Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet, cerebral palsy attorneys are experienced in helping families get back on their feet. Seizures, inability to communicate verbally, mental disabilities, and paralysis are just a few of the symptoms and conditions cerebral palsy and HIE can cause. Cerebral palsy and HIE often mean a lifetime of medical care is required for the new baby as he or she grows into adulthood. This is not only heartbreaking for a family but sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Cerebral palsy and HIE are often caused by medical malpractice. If a doctor delays performing delivery for too long, the newborn may be deprived of oxygen. A doctor must be paying attention to possible respiratory problems common during birth. Strangulation by the umbilical cord can be fatal if not identified in time. Low blood pressure, incorrect birth position, and other complications can result in cerebral palsy or HIE.

It can be difficult to know if medical malpractice is the cause of your child’s condition. Doctors typically won’t answer patient’s questions on the matter, advised by their own lawyers to stay tight lipped. You need legal help to get the damages you deserve.

Answers for Your Family

If your child was born with either of these life-changing conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. Malpractice by a medical professional with such severe consequences on the life of your child should not go without investigation. Spencer Eisenmenger and his experienced team of lawyers are well-versed in newborn malpractice cases. While most malpractice suits are settled outside of court, we prepare every case as if it was going all the way.

Compensation is important for the pain and suffering caused to you, your child, and your family. What’s more, most families in Kansas City, MO cannot afford to pay the high medical bills resulting from cerebral palsy and HIE. Without help from an accomplished lawyer, you could be struggling to pay the bills. If you win a malpractice suit, your child could be entitled to a lifetime of medical care. This may include home nursing care, equipment, and medical expenses paid off for life. Additionally, millions of dollars in damages could be recovered.

An initial consultation with Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger Norfleet is free. We will assess your case to determine if you may be eligible for compensation. Contact us today to learn more.