Thank You

Thank you for contacting us.  If this is an urgent matter please call us at (816) 832-4688.  Otherwise, you can expect a telephone call from us within 1 business day.  During that call we will be asking you for certain information regarding your potential case.  These details will help us determine whether we can assist you.  While we understand you might not know every detail at the present time, it would be extremely helpful if you would gather as much of the information and materials listed below as you can in preparation for our telephone call:

  1. Your or your loved one’s contact information (full name, address, email address and telephone number);
  2. The state where the incident took place;
  3. The location (name of the hospital, street, store, etc.) where the incident took place;
  4. The date the incident took place or the date of your injury or loss;
    • If this is a medical malpractice case, the date you were last seen by the provider you believe was at fault;
    • If this is a wrongful death case, the date your loved one passed away and a copy of the death certificate;
    • If this is a motor vehicle collision case, the date of the collision and a copy of the police report;
  5. The name of the individual, company, doctor or hospital you believe was at fault;
  6. The name(s) and location(s) where you or your loved one received medical treatment since the incident;
  7. Whether you have been told the injuries are permanent and, if so, who told you they are permanent;
  8. Whether you or your loved one will require additional medical care and, if so, what kind;
  9. Whether you have copies of the medical records;
  10. The amount of all medical bills since the incident;
  11. The name of your health insurance provider;
  12. All other information you believe is important and relevant to your potential case.

Once again, thank you for contacting us about your potential case.