The Timeline of an Injury Claim

One question we invariably hear from new clients is, how long will it take to resolve my case? There is, unfortunately, no hard and fast answer to that question. Every case is unique, and the timeline from initiation to resolution will reflect that uniqueness. Typically, the larger the amount of damages, the longer the case will take to resolve. The process could take anywhere from several months to several years. But there is a sequence of steps that forms an outline to every accident case. Beware the attorney who promises you quick, short-term results, which could be a sign of a “settlement mill,” where the emphasis is on case volume rather than quality legal representation.

First let it be pointed out that not every case requires filing a lawsuit. And not every lawsuit ends up in court. The steps outlined here begin immediately after the accident occurs; and although the steps listed here go all the way through a trial, many, many cases are settled somewhere along the timeline. Some never make it to suit, and of those that do, many never make it to trial.

From Accident to Settlement or Verdict: The Essential Steps

Find The Right Lawyer

Your lawyer should explain each step of the legal process and include you in any decisions along the way. Just be sure to hire a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and trust, and who has years of experience, a reputation for positive results, and the ability to focus on your individual needs.