What Is Patient Abandonment?

Medical professionals have a responsibility to uphold a certain standard of care for their patients. Unfortunately, some healthcare workers commit acts of negligence that lead to severe injuries and worsening illnesses, severely impacting the lives of the people under their care.

Patient Abandonment

Patient abandonment is one form of medical malpractice that is especially harmful. When a professional suddenly terminates a doctor-patient relationship without just cause or due notice, a patient can experience a worsening condition and severe complications. In these situations, a negligent doctor may face liability for his or her actions.

What Counts As Patient Abandonment?

The doctor-patient relationship is very important in the medical field. Certain patients, such as patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities, often rely on their doctors and have the right to continue to access the services they need.

This relationship must continue until both parties agree to terminate it. A patient can terminate the relationship at any time, but a medical professional must provide proper notice beforehand and ensure that a patient does not suffer harm due to this action. The medical professional must provide just cause to terminate the relationship.

Patient abandonment occurs when a medical professional terminates this relationship without proper notice or cause while the patient still requires medical care. There are many reasons why patient abandonment may occur, including the following.

Patient abandonment does not apply in situations where a patient refuses to comply with physician orders, engages in inappropriate or abusive behavior, violates a doctor’s policies, or misses or cancels multiple appointments. A doctor can also terminate the relationship if he or she does not have the resources or skills to treat the patient’s condition or an ethical or legal conflict arises.

The Four Elements of Patient Abandonment

Since patient abandonment is a type of medical malpractice, an abandoned patient may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the at-fault professional. If you believe your doctor terminated your relationship without following the proper procedures, you will need to gather enough evidence to prove four key facts.

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As soon as you realize you may be the victim of patient abandonment, contact your attorney to discuss your legal options.