Who Can Be Held Liable for a Wrong-Site Surgery?

Surgical procedures can be risky operations, but well-trained and competent medical professionals have the tools and skills necessary to prevent unnecessary errors. Unfortunately, not all surgeons uphold this standard of care, and far too often, Missouri residents suffer complications from wrong-site surgeries.

wrong-site surgery

All medical professionals, including surgeons, nurses, physicians, and anesthesiologists, have a responsibility to uphold a certain standard of care when treating patients. If your surgeon breaches this duty of care and performs surgery on the wrong part of your body, you could hold him or her liable through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Wrong-Site Surgery Complications and Damages

Surgeons have a responsibility to ensure they perform the correct procedures on the right patients. They must also ensure they perform a procedure on the right part of the body and that they recommend the right surgery for the patients’ needs. If your surgeon performs a wrong-site surgery, you can experience significant complications ranging from lengthier, more painful recovery times to permanent organ damage or the unnecessary loss of a healthy limb.

You can incur significant economic and non-economic damages from wrong-site surgeries, including the following.

How to Prove a Wrong-Site Surgery Case

You can hold any medical professional who treated you in a formal capacity liable for medical malpractice. In many wrong-site surgery lawsuits, the at-fault medical professional is the surgeon who performed the surgery.

Negligent surgeons who fail to uphold their standard of care and perform wrong-site surgery can face liability through a medical malpractice lawsuit. To establish the surgeon’s liability, you will need to prove four elements.

This liability may apply to any medical professional whose negligent actions caused you to undergo a wrong-site surgery. For example, an emergency room doctor who misdiagnoses you and orders an unnecessary surgery may face liability for the error instead of the surgeon, who, to the best of his or her knowledge, upheld the standard of care he or she was obliged to provide.

Hospital Liability for Wrong-Site Surgeries

In certain circumstances, the hospital where you received your surgery may also be liable for your damages. You can file a claim against a facility if your case involves one of the following scenarios.

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